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Tailor-made Import Fulfillment System.

Dec 2017 - Feb 2019


For fast-growing businesses, it’s a familiar situation where the essential processes to run the business exponentially increase in number and complexity. It’s a challenge to effectively manage and operate the business processes without the aid of technology. Still, companies, like Green Dragon Logistics, have difficulties in finding the right logistics management system that is bespoke to their own business services and model.


FABA team develops an Import Fulfillment software that is uniquely tailored to Green Dragon’s business model. The system can effectively adapt to the accounting information system, work with inventory and order management, HR and so on. Besides, upon the request of Green Dragon, the system is integrated with shipment tracking and shipper management. These features also allow Green Dragon to manage COD status, returned and rescheduling shipments. The system also works on mobile which improves flexibility for admin and shipper, plus, provides instant access to the business performance data anywhere. Basic and custom report features are also integrated and kept in the shared data repository.


Warehouse management
Effectively manage warehouse activities and obtain insight into warehouse performance and status from the stock volume, stock arrangement, stock retrieval requests to any relevant data.
Shipper app
Shippers are provided with a mobile app in which they can see route information, parcels assigned, shipping and recipients information at a glance. The mobile app also plays the role of a communication medium between office and shippers, hence information is exchanged constantly.
Client web app
As soon as an order has been input via clients’ portal, a client-side version of the mobile application also provides clients with the same insights regarding what, when and how their goods are picked up and delivered.
Operation system
Integrate all departmental operations into one place and become the cross-functional operation systems where every business unit or employees can access seamlessly collaborate and exchange information.
Report system
Get custom insight into business performance with one single click.

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