GD Logistics

Project Overview

From the start, FABA team has provided GD Logistics full-stack development and quality assurance to its import fulfillment system construction.


Provided Services

Mobile DevelopmentMobile Development
UI/UX DesignUI/UX Design
Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance
Web DevelopmentWeb Development


For fast-growing businesses, the number and complexity of essential processes increase. This makes it all the more challenging to operate business processes without the aid of technology. 

Still, companies such as Green Dragon Logistics have difficulty in finding the right logistics management system for their needs. When nothing on the market fits their business services and model, they need a bespoke solution.


The FABA team develops an Import Fulfilment software that is uniquely tailored to Green Dragon’s business model. The software is adapted to their accounting system and works with inventory and order management, HR, and other systems to great effect. 

In addition - upon the request of Green Dragon - the system is integrated with shipment tracking and shipper management. These features allow Green Dragon to manage COD status, return, and reschedule shipments.

The system is also accessible on mobile, improving flexibility for admin and shipper, and providing instant access to business performance data from anywhere.


Warehouse management

Shipper version application

Client web application

Operation system

Report system

GD Logistics
GD Logistics

Technology Used

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