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  • The whole project needs to be completed from scratch in a short time
  • The platform needs to be able to adapt to the rapid-growing userbase
  • The infrastructure needs to be able to scale up in response to incoming traffic and requests
  • The platform needs to ensure an exciting learning experience for children
  • The client demands several challenging features, such as voice recording and pronunciation evaluation
  • The app needs to be able to evaluate the user’s real-time performance


  • Deploy Amazon Web Services with multiple instances inside load balancers to adapt to increasing traffic
  • Apply an auto-scaling group of servers to get rid of redundant resources
  • Constantly improve UX based on product feedback loops
  • Adopt AI technology to simplify administrative tasks, such as grading


  • Organized, progressive lesson system from grades 1 - 7
  • An app-wised English contest for Kids, inspired by the British English Olympics
  • Separated account functions for students, parents, and teachers
  • Course data management access for teachers and owner accounts
  • MEVA Agent portal for wholesalers to buy and re-distribute course coupons
  • Secured VNPay payment gateway for agent portal
  • Voice recording, submitting and grading for pronunciation practice
  • Real-time exercise grading
  • Progress tracking, reminders, and encouragement pop-ups
  • Points collected from the courses can be exchanged for gifts
  • IELTS training course with purchasable resources

Technology Used

React Native