As an Outsource Development company, FABA Technology understands the importance of optimizing your working hours. We have tried some apps on the market, but they could not get to the bottom of the problems many companies are facing. That is why we come up with TimeTrackr, a time management application that allows you more than just time tracking.

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Most time management applications can provide enough features when it comes to internal time tracking. But they lack when it comes to being a connection between vendors and clients. As an offshore development company ourselves, FABA Technology came up with TimeTrackr.



What makes TimeTrackr a great product for both vendors and clients is that it allows users to configure and share reports, and tasks can automatically be synchronized across different platforms.

Members are able to log their working hours and categorize them using task tags. These will in turn be summarized in the report, showing the total number of active tasks, and your employees' total working hours.

TimeTrackr also allows users to customize these reports by grouping, or categorizing tasks, or members, a feature that FABA believes everyone is looking for, one that current applications lack. This way, the data is presented more concisely and logically.

Plus, with the sharing feature, your clients can view and approve these customized reports right on the platform with just one click.

TimeTrackr is also capable of syncing data from 3rd party project management systems such as Jira and Trello. With each task created, they will automatically show up when you log in to TimeTrackr, you don't have to add them manually anymore.

Moreover, TimeTrackr also notifies users via Slack and email so that they don't miss logging their hours. For admins, we also notify when users log too much working time, so they can apply measures to maintain the working quality as well as employees' health.


  • Log and export timesheet weekly or monthly report
  • Sync data across platforms (Jira, Trello)
  • Allocate task working hours using tags
  • Create and manage multiple projects
  • Dynamic project roles for each user
  • Working time limit notification via email and Slack
  • Invite external members

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