What We Achieved

Take a look at the brands that our tech talents have supported

By constructing an all-in-one project management system, FABA dedicated team has helped Pulse allow its users to accomplish more with less time and effort.


By providing both cloud optimization and offshore service, FABA has supported Qualee to empower their talents with customized onboarding experiences.


With the help of FABA, CTI has efficiently improved its SEO, providing users a more approachable information portal for home care hospital services.


With a dedicated team, FABA Technology has supported ArtWallStreet leverage from a small digital art mall into a full-fledged platform, where anyone can become art collector, exhibitor, and investor.




By developing entertaining and rewarding game features on both Android and iOS, FABA has helped GAIABUN promote customer engagement more efficiently.


As an Outsource Development company, FABA Technology understands the importance of optimizing your working hours. We have tried some apps on the market, but they could not get to the bottom of the problems many companies are facing. That is why we come up with TimeTrackr, a time management application that allows you more than just time tracking.

GD Logistics

From the start, FABA team has provided GD Logistics full-stack development and quality assurance to its import fulfillment system construction.

RAP Bank

With a team of 12 people, FABA has supported RAP Bank in successfully digitalize the loan application process for both service providers and borrowers.


By providing the right developers that Transportme needs, FABA has helped them continuously develop and deliver new features of the system.

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